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Windows 11 Professional Version Dev Build 21996.1 (x64) Lite Incl. Activator Free Download

Windows 11 Professional Version Dev Build 21996.1 (x64) Lite Incl. Activator

Windows 11 Professional Version Dev Build 21996.1 (x64) Lite Incl. Activator Free Download

The new Windows 11 UI and Start menu look basically the same as what was initially found in Windows 10X. Microsoft had been improving on Windows for double screen gadgets, prior to dropping this undertaking for Windows 11. Outwardly, the greatest changes you'll notice can be found along the taskbar. Microsoft has focused the application symbols here, tidied up the plate region, and incorporated another Start catch and menu. 

General Info: 

Windows Version: 11 
Fabricate: 21996.1 
Language: English 
Engineering: 64 bit 
Record Size: 1.98 GiB 
Creator: Tatata 
• Added DirectX 9.0c 
• Integrated Visual C ++ 2005-2019 
• The framework was not in review mode 
• Cleaned and packed WinSxS Backup envelope 
• Installed the Segoe UI Semibold text style 
• Restored standard "photograph watcher" 

Taken out Metro Apps: 

• Alarms and Clock 
• Calculator 
• Calendar and Mail 
• Camera 
• Desktop App Installer 
• Films and TV 
• Feedback Hub 
• Get Help 
• Groove Music 
• Maps 
• Messaging 
• Mobile Plans 
• My Office 
• Office OneNote 
• Paint 3D 
• People 
• Photos 
• Print 3D 
• Skype App 
• Sticky Notes 
• Tips 
• Voice Recorder 
• Wallet 
• Weather 
• Web Media Extensions 
• outsider Apps Links 

Parts Removed: 

• Windows Defender 
• Windows Store 
• Internet Explorer 
• System Restore 
• OneDrive 
• Mixed Reality 
• Parental control 
• Match Recognizer 
• AAD Broker Plugin 
• Telemetry Packages 
• Desktop File Explorer 
• People Experience Host 
• All dialects with the exception of en, ru 
• Handwriting input 
• Windows Hello 
• Media Player 
• Geo Location 
• InputMethod 
• Adobe Flash 
• Hello Face 
• WiFi sense 
• Biometrics 
• Wordpad 
• Media 
• Unix 
• Ime 


• SmartScreen 
• Windows search 
• Windows Firewall 
• General access 
• Swap document 
• Error detailing 
• Remote Assistant 
• Account control 
• Reserved capacity 
• Blur impact on login screen 
• Software Quality Improvement Program 
• Automatic Windows update 
• All extra occasion logs 
• Program Compatibility Assistant 


• Use of Framework 4 projects rather than Framework 3.5 
• Become the proprietor and get full admittance (to records, envelopes) 
• Disable assortment of information about introduced applications 
• Disable client area 
• Disable promoting ID and publicizing 
• Disable secret checking of the framework 
• Disable telemetry windows and nVidia 
• Disabled "safeguards" on executable documents 
• Disabled the "alternate route for" prefix

What's going on: 

– Windows 11 will get a totally new plan. Microsoft plainly needs a valid justification to turn around its past cases and still trench Windows 10 by presenting another working framework number. Also, a totally new plan is incredible for that. The Redmond monster has for quite some time been setting up an overhaul for an update with the code name Sun Valley ("Sun Valley") – evidently, under this naming it was Windows 11. The Sun Valley project streaked on the organization for quite a while – Microsoft routinely unveiled subtleties of the new interface style, insiders shared the obscure already data, and well known originators in their circles drew sensible ideas dependent on this information. – Start and framework components will skim over the base bar. Start is the calling card and face of each new form of Windows. Of course, in Windows 11, engineers will change it once more, however less in useful but rather more in visual terms – the Start window will drift over the base bar. We need to concede that this little change shows up of the framework a lot fresher. According to data from the organization, Microsoft won't profoundly change the "inner parts" of this menu – the developments will influence just the plan of the actual window. The control board will likewise buoy, and its plan will be by and large equivalent to that of the "Start". The activity community will be joined with the control fastens together – a comparative one has for quite some time been utilized in some other working frameworks. Practically all notices of this new menu show that it will be island – the control catches will be situated on one separate board, warnings will be on another, and explicit components (like a player) on another different one. 

– Right points will vanish, they will be supplanted by filets. In truth, insiders and idea originators differ on this point – some are certain that Microsoft won't change its practices and will keep right points, while others are persuaded that in 2021 Microsoft will follow the style for filets. The last fits better with the meaning of "totally new Windows" – simply floating menus are insufficient for another plan to be considered genuinely new. Filets are required to influence practically everything in the framework, from setting menus and framework boards to all application windows. Valid, even on this issue, the assessments of idea planners vary – some attract filets all conceivable interface components, others join them with right points.

Windows 11 Professional Version Dev Build 21996.1 (x64) Lite Incl. Full Version Download 
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– There will be a clear foundation with obscure all over. There is conflict on the web about the island way of showing windows, the plan of the corners and the levitation impact of the menu, yet nearly everybody is consistent about the straightforwardness of the windows. By far most of holes and configuration renders show straightforwardness and obscure in all windows, be it in any event the Start menu or Explorer. Additionally, these impacts are even in the get together of the dropped Windows 10X working framework, which Microsoft was producing for gadgets with two screens and frail devices in corresponding with the Sun Valley project. The alleged acrylic straightforwardness suggests the utilization of new impacts while drifting over components, just as expanded dividing between components – those spaces of the interface with which the client communicates will positively increase, and page titles will be thickened. 

– New textual style that has effectively been shown. Windows 11 will in all probability utilize the default responsive Segoe UI Variable text style, which has effectively showed up in Windows 10 Build 21376 for Insiders. Its benefit is that it is similarly appropriate for little messages and huge engravings. This recognizes it from standard textual styles, which are at first made for either little size or huge size. For instance, the steady form of Windows 10 as of now utilizes the Segoe UI textual style, intended for 9pt. In more modest engravings, it turns out to be ineffectively readable, and in enormous engravings it looks dull. 

– Windows 11 will have new symbols, and Windows 95 symbols will vanish. Indeed, they are as yet being used today. Microsoft will at long last change the symbols that are utilized all through the framework. It's difficult about alternate routes to envelopes, garbage bins and different symbols found in Explorer. We are discussing every one of the symbols accessible in the Shell32 registry. There are still symbols from the times of Windows 95, and as of late Microsoft refreshed their plan in one of the insider congregations – obviously, they will move to Windows 11. 

– Windows 11 will have utilitarian advancements – there are a considerable lot of them, however they are largely little. Substantially less is thought about the highlights of the impending update than about its plan. In any case, since Windows 11 and Windows 10X (the dropped OS for powerless and foldable gadgets, the picture of which has spilled to the organization) were created in equal, we can securely accept that every one of the capacities from the last will show up in Windows 11. For instance, Windows 11 will show when the camera is being used PC – the comparing pointer will be shown in the framework plate. 


CRC32: DFBB4599 
MD5: 8E24FD704377FA2F13428192F6F2DFCA 
SHA-1: 20F447DB9FD69C88B13A2ED57E61B03D63FF2D20 

Introduce Notes: 

– Use Rufus and make a Bootable USB/DVD 
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